How Poor Project Governance Sets Project Managers Up To Fail

Ineffective project governance can destroy a project manager perceived performance. PMs need to take control of their project's governance

Do You Want To Be A Valued Project Manager?

Poor project governance can destroy your project, leaving you, as Project Manager, to wear the blame. Learn how to manage your project governance team.

How To Engage The Project Governance Team In Decision Making

Only a trained and educated business project governance team will make informed and lasting decisions that lead to success.

Don't 'Align' Your Projects To Your Strategy

How to powerfully, usefully and effectively measure each projects' strategic contribution.

Isn't It Time For Business Leadership Of Projects?

Projects are currently delivered by 'project specialists'. Now is the time for business leadership to regain control of their projects and future

Why Cost Cutting Is Not The Only Option

Cutting costs seems to be the first thought to management who need to improve business results. But it is not the only or necessarily the first option.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 3 Outcomes

The Portfolio Management Office must ensure the project delivery methods deliver the business' desired outcomes, rather than just "finishing" a project.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 1 Investment Management Processes

When project/program investment management processes are disconnected from the project portfolio management processes, up to 80% of the project portfolio can be strategically irrelevant!

What Is Project Portfolio Management's Primary Role?

The orthodox view of portfolio management as a super-set of projects and programs is wrong rather it is a subset of strategy execution.

Addressing the Myki “risks” and other misadventures

The fact Victoria still doesn't know how well Myki is performing is a perfect representation of the project’s failure.

When Do You Need A Project Portfolio Management Office?

To understand project portfolio management you need to understand when you need a Portfolio Office

Project Prioritization Is Simple

Many organizations struggle with how to prioritize their projects - how to objectively select the highest priority projects that are strategically relevant, worthwhile, doable and which are required to be done now. Yet project prioritisation is really quite simple.

Simple, Practical, Project Governance

Research has shown that more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management.

The Dangers Of "Unknown Unknowns"

What you don't know can be high risk and high cost to you personally and to your organization.

Think Different Worlds

In operational day-to-day management we discourage thinking. We have repeatable processes and extensive automation to predefine how things are done.

Your Place Or Mine?

Meeting rooms are often at a premium. Therefore Steering Committee meetings are held wherever the project manager can find a room. Also, when the project manager meets with the Sponsor, it is often in the Sponsor’s office. This can isolate the Sponsor and Steering Committee from the project team and its environment.

Projects Are 'Out Of Control' - But Why?

W. Edwards Deming defined ‘in control’ as: “when the goals of the system can be predictably met better than 95% of the time.” By this definition projects are definitely ‘out of control’.

How Does TOP Improve Project Performance?

TOP equips the business to define its true needs and then govern the project to successfully deliver the business value

How To Track Your Strategy's Execution

Tracking your strategy execution is simple and puts you in control of your strategy's execution

How To Link Strategy, Business Outcomes And Delivery Projects

When your strategy, business and projects are all aligned the increase in results can be exponential. But this requires a different approach.

“Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Steering Committees”

The effectiveness of your project governance steering committees will largely determine the results and value you deliver from your projects.

What Type Of 'Health Check' Do You Need?

You need to ensure your project health check actually diagnoses your project's health. Most don't, they only conduct a superficial 'check-up'

The Need To Put Benefits Center-Stage

When you put benefits center-stage, the value of the benefits identified and 'banked' increase exponentially. It makes sense and is simple to do

Join The Revolution In Project Governance

Project Governance has been neglected yet a governance team can destroy more value in five minutes than a project team can destroy in five weeks. Poorly understood, poorly supported and poorly executed it is not surprising that more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management. Yet while we invest millions in project management we invest next to nothing in project governance.

How To Get Executives To Accept Project Governance Training

How you frame project governance training determines the level of acceptance by executives. Here is a simple and powerful approach

Unseen Barriers To Project Improvement

Are you the subject of unseen barriers to improving your projects' performance and operations? You may be surprised at the answer.

The Dangers Of 'Sliders' As Quality Controls

The use of 'sliders' as quality controls can cause projects to be compromised at the outset - which is totally unnecessary and very wasteful.

Projects Are The Domain Of Project And Technical Experts | Myth 1

Projects are not the domain of the project and technical managers, but of the business.

The Power Of Beliefs On Project Results

Your organization's beliefs are often invisible but control the results sought and attained. To improve you need to make them visible

The Need For A TOP-To-Bottom Approach

Successful projects require the active and knowledgeable involvement of everyone top to bottom, from the board to the frontline staff

The 8 Self Evident Value Delivery Truths #3 Who Is Accountable For Value

Accountability for value delivery performance lies at the top of the organization. They need to uplift the organization's value delivery capability.

The 8 Self-Evident Value Delivery Truths #1 Why We Need A New Approach

There are 8 self-evident truths that are too often ignored. This is destroying the business value delivered. You need to know the Truths.

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 5 - Four Lenses Are Required For Success

The focus of project delivery is cost, of business owners is value, and executive management is ROI, but they all must work together to succeed.

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 4 - Technical Control

Each of the project, business and executive roles, timeframes and measures of success on project delivery are different

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 3 - Program Control

TOP's four lens model changes management's perspectives and the processes involved in value and project delivery

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 1 - Investment Strategy

TOP's four lens model changes management's perspectives and ​processes for value and project delivery When we approach project delivery through the cost control lens we are doomed to failure. Two additional lenses are required for success.

Where Does The Value Go On Projects - 3? Up to 100% Lost From Scope Changes

Value loss from poor scope management comes in two forms – missed value and destroyed value. When changing, project scope can eliminate some or all of the project's value, this needs to be carefully managed by the governance team.

Own Goals?

Own goals? On-time/on a budget are measures of project efficiency, not business value. Until we take a business perspective, we'll continue to disappoint our business partners.


In our governance training, we emphasize that governance is about two things above all else – the delivery of desired business outcomes, benefits and value, and taking action. Project governance is not for watchers.

Scoring Goals

Scoring goals - it is not important to set goals and work towards sustaining the operations along with those set goals, but all the means must be utilized in order to achieve those goals and objectives.