The Three Tenets And Four Critical Success Factors Of Change Management

Change is about taking well thought through, planned, communicated and executed change actions. it really is that simple.

Why Change Is Not About People

Change management is not about people it is about taking action. The reason it has been hijacked by 'the people people' is explained

Change Management And How To Regain Control Of Your Future

Your organization's capability to change effectively determines its ability to control its future. It is time to insource this capability

Why 'Effective Implementation' Is Critical To Project Success

Projects delivered to specification can still fail at the implementation stage. Only effective implementation ensures project success

Should You Aim For A Technical Or Organizational Change?

Pure technical projects can miss millions of benefits unnecessarily. All projects should be organizational change projects led by the business..

Benefits Have To Be Planned, Managed And Delivered To Be Measured

Benefits don't just happen, they have to be planned, actioned and delivered. Benefits delivery is a change process - not a measurement process.

The True Speed Of Change

Is the speed of change being overstated? We review the fast-moving technology world to find out that the speed of change is...not as fast as thought.

“Why ‘Transformation Programs’ Fail”

Transformation programs demand that the organization has the necessary 'capability' to successfully deliver them. Most organization's are deficient.

The Need To Challenge Orthodox Project Thinking

Few are "joining the dots" to understand that the orthodox way we approach and deliver projects is incomplete. Some of the "dots" are missing, some are not working, and some are actually destroying value.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Current State In Detail

You must document your organization's current state in detail as everything you do today has to be either eliminated or accommodated in the future.

Unseen Barriers To Project Improvement

Are you the subject of unseen barriers to improving your projects' performance and operations? You may be surprised at the answer.

The Speed Of Change

The speed of change

The Power Of Beliefs On Project Results

Your organization's beliefs are often invisible but control the results sought and attained. To improve you need to make them visible

Where Does The Value Go On Projects - 6? Losses Due To Late Benefits Delivery

Projects can progressively deliver benefits and value throughout their duration. You don't (and shouldn't) wait till the project is handed over to start making the changes needed to deliver value.

Where Does The Value Go On Projects - 5? Value Lost Because Benefits Were Not Sticky

Even after you have delivered the benefits, you can lose them again if your change management process does not make sure they stay "sticky".

Critical Insights 8 - Resistance To Change Is NOT Inevitable

Critical Insights (8) - Too often resistance to change is created

Critical Insights 7 - All Projects Are ‘Change Projects’

Critical Insights (7) Benefits come from change. Therefore, it makes sense that every project should be seen as a ‘change project’.