How Much Project Investment Value Do You (Inadvertently) Waste?

Over 50% of each project's potential value can be lost unnecessarily. It is your choice. You can choose to have project success—a full 'bowl of value'

Time To Rein In Strategic Sourcing?

Has strategic sourcing overstepped its powers and needs to be reined in? What should it be doing?

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 1 Investment Management Processes

When project/program investment management processes are disconnected from the project portfolio management processes, up to 80% of the project portfolio can be strategically irrelevant!

You're Paying An Expensive, Unnecessary 'Tax'

It's time to axe the tax. Imagine that there is a tax of between 25% and 100%. This tax is totally voluntary yet 95% of firms are, unknowingly, paying it.

Wasted Expenditure - Strategically Irrelevant Projects Are Approved

An invisible tax in most organizations Any time, effort and money spent on projects you should not be doing at all is a complete waste. Projects that are irrelevant to your strategy are a complete waste.

How To Track Your Strategy's Execution

Tracking your strategy execution is simple and puts you in control of your strategy's execution

Is Your Capital Management A 'Capital Crime'?

In practice capital management and capital allocation is a game. A very expensive game. In fact, a "capital crime".

Why Project Delivery = Lost Business Value

A 'project delivery' mindset generated business case can easily miss massive business value. A different "value delivery" mindset is required.

The Cost Of Capital Mis-Management

Here are "28 ways to lose $1 million a day”, lose value and destroy capital — check how many are in your organization

Problems With Reengineering Approaches

Orthodox approaches to reengineering get lost in the detail and end up 'swatting flies while missing the elephants'. To avoid this, simplify.

When Do You Call Out A Failing Project?

When should you call out a failing project to ensure you don't waste time, effort and money?

The Need To Be Cruel With Projects To Ensure Success

Too many projects deliver compromises that adversely impact business operations for years. This is a waste and the opposite to success.

Why Do Project Costs Increase?—Cost Overruns

Project cost overruns can cause projects to go over 100% over budget, thereby destroying value. Find out why

How To Reduce Project Costs - Reduce Project Rework

If you reduce the level of unnecessary project rework you can reduce the project delivery costs by 15%-20%

How To Reduce Project Costs – Simplify Ongoing Operational Complexity

By defining and simplifying your business requirements you can eliminate 20% of operational costs by reducing complexity

How To Reduce Project Costs - Reduce Project Failure

High project failure rates generate a 15% 'tax' on the total cost of projects