Degrees Of Failure Of Success?

Whether we seek full success or allow degrees of success of failure determines the results we deliver. Allowing 'degrees of success' thinking is sloppy thinking

Delivering 'To Specification' v 'Implementation'

Effective project implementation delivers results. Delivery to specification delivers an output. The business wants results. Here's the differences

"What Will This Do For The Profit?"

The first question you ask of a proposed project will impact its success. Ask, "What will this do for the profit?" and you've changed the conversation.

When Does A Project 'Fail'?

Project failure is relative; most projects fail in part, 40% of projects fail overall in terms of net value delivered. This is avoidable if you use a value perspective.

What To Do When You Don't Have The Staff For Your Projects

Organizations believe they don't have the staff required for them to be fully involved in and lead projects. But this limitation can be easily overcome

"Not Interested"

Software companies may promise the world but are fundamentally not interested in helping you realize the benefits available from their software. Beware.

If It's Broke, DON'T Fix It!

The lack of project success shows project delivery process are broke. They need to be fixed. Start by defining a new set of project success measures

Project Success Starts By Defining Your 'Desired Business Outcomes'

Your clear, specific, and measurable 'desired business outcomes' should be drafted at the very start and should then drive every aspect of your project. But sadly, few projects identify them...

How To Burst The "Project Bubble"

Business managers can tend to lose sight of their business context and goals when on projects. To combat this you need to change the measures of success

Time For Projects To Move Out Of The 'Iron Age'

It is time to replace the Iron Triangle measures with the TOP Value Triangle measures as the basis for increasing project success

How Reframing The 'Iron Triangle' Can Change The Game

The orthodox Iron Triangle inadvertently encourages the scope and specification to be the first element compromised. When you reframe the Triangle you can see why that's wrong.

Why Brand-Name Consultants Won't Deliver Value

The major brand-name consultancies are not set up or intending to deliver measurable value to their clients. Here's why and what you can do about it.

10 Ways The Iron Triangle Measures Can Destroy Project Success

The orthodox project success measures of 'on time, on budget' are not benign; they are dangerous as they encourage the destruction of value

Why 'Effective Implementation' Is Critical To Project Success

Projects delivered to specification can still fail at the implementation stage. Only effective implementation ensures project success

The Absurdity Of The Triple Constraint Measures Of Project Success

The orthodox measures of project success are, when you really think about it, absurd. They measure inputs not outputs but what you want is outputs.

Forget Stakeholder Management, Focus On The Project Owners

Stakeholder management ignores the fact that the business areas impact, management and sponsor are the owners and investors

The absurdity Of The Triple Constraint Project Success Measures

When you think about it, measuring project success using the Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle is absurd. They measure completely the wrong dimensions

The Triple Constraint Measures Of Project Success Are Dangerous

The standard Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle measures of project success actually cause expensive to the business problems and should be replaced

What Are Your Measures Of Project Success?

How you measure project success determines if your projects deliver successfully in business terms

How To Define True Project Success For Your Projects 2

Project success requires you to know all of the activities required, your path dependencies and your benefits' up-to-date value. Do you know this for your project?

How To Define True Project Success For Your Projects 1

The TOP Value Equation equips you to define and deliver true project success that maximizes the business value realized

The True Cost Of Project Failure

Lack of project success incurs massive costs - both visible and invisible. No organization can afford such failure.

Four Principal Areas Of Control To Ensure Project Success

You cannot track project success through orthodox project reporting, there are four critical areas that need to be tracked and measured to ensure the success of your project

The 7 Prerequisites To Delivering Successful Projects

Here are 7 prerequisites that you need to have in place for successful projects. You should check each project today against the checklist provided.

The 10 Measures Of Project Success

The measures of project success abound, but there are 10 key measures of success that matter to the business.

Project Completion Is Not 'Project Success'

Project completion does not equal project success. Project success is a different measure that orthodox methodologies do not support. A new approach is needed.

We Need To Talk About 'Benefits'

The obstacles to the successful implementation of benefits management come in all shapes and sizes, but boil down to three root causes.

What Are "Critical Success Factors"?

Critical Success Factors are prerequisites to the success of the project, not the most important measures of success.

Can You Choose Your Project Measures Of Success?

Many projects are using the wrong measures of success. Yet, there is only one true measure of success which is simple to understand.

Business Outcomes — The Holy Grail For Projects

The definition of your desired business outcomes is the 'holy grail 'of projects that every manager needs to understand.

The Choice Between Measuring Project Success By Inputs Or Outputs

The success of most projects is measured by time and cost - the inputs. Success should instead be measured by what comes out of the project.

“Why ‘Transformation Programs’ Fail”

Transformation programs demand that the organization has the necessary 'capability' to successfully deliver them. Most organization's are deficient.

The Need To Be Cruel With Projects To Ensure Success

Too many projects deliver compromises that adversely impact business operations for years. This is a waste and the opposite to success.

Functional Architectures Are Not Processes

Functional, technical, and strategic "architectures" do not process charts. They do not necessarily help to improve the business.

Projects Don’t Deliver Outcomes Or Benefits Only Outputs | Myth 6

The idea of projects not being responsible for benefits is false and needs to be rejected.

International Recognition For TOP By Gartner

TOP's international recognition by Gartner as a 2011 Cool Vendor

The 8 Self Evident Value Delivery Truths #4 Don't Start What You Can't Finish

Assessing if you can deliver successful projects that are strategically relevant is the key to project success.

‘Doing’ Versus ‘Delivering’ Project Measures Of Success

The true measure of project performance and success is delivering and achieving our desired outcomes; not doing and completing tasks. We need to change our project measures of success.

Are Your Investments Losing More Money Than You Think?

Most project investments are losing far more money than appears. Maybe double or more. The actual waste is massive. Learn why.

Critical Insights 6 - What is True Project Success?

Critical Insights (6) Project “Success” has three dimensions