The Choice Between Project Delivery Capability and Value Delivery Capability

If you don't build your organization's capability to deliver value from projects, you will never deliver the value from projects. It's that simple.

The Choice Between Measuring Project Success By Inputs Or Outputs

The success of most projects is measured by time and cost - the inputs. Success should instead be measured by what comes out of the project.

The Choice Between Projects And Programs

The orthodox distinctions ​between "what is a project" and "what is a program" are wrong. Here we explain why and what the real differences are.

The Choice Between Project And Value Delivery

"Value Delivery" is not just "Project Delivery" with benefits and value tacked on. It starts with a completely different mindset and approach.

The True Speed Of Change

Is the speed of change being overstated? We review the fast-moving technology world to find out that the speed of change is...not as fast as thought.

The Need To Challenge Orthodox Project Thinking

Few are "joining the dots" to understand that the orthodox way we approach and deliver projects is incomplete. Some of the "dots" are missing, some are not working, and some are actually destroying value.

Projects Don’t Deliver Outcomes Or Benefits Only Outputs | Myth 6

The idea of projects not being responsible for benefits is false and needs to be rejected.

Projects Exist To Solve Problems | Myth 5

Projects do not just exist to solve problems, they are commissioned to deliver the business benefits and value.

You Can Only Have Two Out Of The Three Elements Of The Iron Triangle | Myth 4

Managing the 'iron triangle' is not the key control, you need to manage scope and value to get the benefits you expect.

Project Methods Control The Results Delivered | Myth 3

Organizations try to improve their project delivery methods - this is the wrong approach, they need to improve their value delivery processes

Project Management And Other Standards Are 'Best Practice' | Myth 2

Orthodox project methods and standards are not 'best practice' as they do not deal with the essential business and value elements.

Projects Are The Domain Of Project And Technical Experts | Myth 1

Projects are not the domain of the project and technical managers, but of the business.

The Power Of Beliefs On Project Results

Your organization's beliefs are often invisible but control the results sought and attained. To improve you need to make them visible

The 8 Self Evident Value Delivery Truths #2 Limiting Beliefs

Most projects miss, lose or destroy more value than they deliver due to ignoring the 8 self-evident truths that dispel the all too common myths.

The Infamous People-Process-Technology Triangle 4

The infamous change triangle (4)

The Infamous People-Process-Technology Triangle 3

The infamous People Process Technology triangle (3)

The Infamous People-Process-Technology Triangle 2

The infamous change triangle (2)

The Infamous People-Process-Technology Triangle 1

The infamous change triangle (1) -people, process and technology are critical elements in change, but they are only three of seven vital elements