How to prioritize your capital investments

Most prioritization process are missing one or more steps or criteria. Here we detail the criteria and prioritization process required for results

How to Unleash the Wealth of Talent within your Organization

Your own staff are an untapped resource of ideas, skills and wisdom. It makes sense to give them the tools that allow you to harness these talents to deliver extraordinary results with low risk.

10 ways the "Iron Triangle" can destroy project value

There is an assumption that the Iron Triangle/Triple Constraint measures of ‘on time, on budget and to specification’ are benign. There is no harm or risk in using them as the measures of project success.

TOP's "Upside Down" Approach To projects

Improving the current approaches has not improved project results. A new, upside down approach is needed to break through to consistent success using outcomes.

A brief history of 'Reengineering'

Business reengineering morphed into anything to do with processes. Business Simplification reinstates the intended power of re-engineering

Death by continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is too limited in their impact, you need a more radical approach to breakthrough to new ways of operating

What is "Project Portfolio Management"?

Project-focused PMOs are in danger. Strategic project portfolio management offices can thrive, if they know what to do.

The Eight Levels of Project Success

Different parties involved in projects define 'success' at different stages creating confusion as to what 'success' really is and causing real success to be missed

What is 'value'?

Whereas in life there is not a standard definition of 'value', there can be for project investments

The Benefits of the TOP Value Equation

The TOP Value Equation can put you in control of your projects, their value and their successful delivery. We explain how.

The TOP five critical control measures

Each board needs to these five key controls so as to be in full control of its capital investments, project portfolio and future competitiveness.

The four benefits management approaches (and their impacts)

Not all benefits management processes have the same impact. The approach you choose will determine the level of benefits you deliver.

How to generate a Value Equation

The TOP Value Equation defines your measures of success while increasing your control and your project's value and minimizing waste. And it is simple to generate.

How and why benefits are lost on projects

Why don't projects deliver the benefits expected? Here are 10 reasons why benefits are lost and a simple, four-step process to address the problem.

How Simplistic Accounting Destroys Business Benefits

Banking benefits from projects should be a ‘no-brainer’ – yet it seems to be a big problem. Indeed, fewer than one-third of organizations worldwide even attempt to measure the benefits from their project investments. And those that do, tend to adopt approaches that decrease rather than increase the value of their benefits…

Strategy without execution is just wishful thinking

Strategies define what your business does, the markets it is in and the initiatives/projects it undertakes. Even if you do not have a written-down, formally articulated strategy document, your business still has a strategy. And your strategy should be driven by outcomes.

The TOP 5 Percent

Investing the capital of a business to achieve the returns is crucially important. Only the top 5% of organizations can and consistently do, deliver their strategy and major programs effectively and reap the results.