TOP & MSP (4) - The Business Change Manager

In MSP the Business Change Manager (BCM) is usually a business area manager (and should never be a contractor). They have been assigned the main benefits delivery role.

TOP & MSP (3) - Benefits and Outcomes

Both the OGC’s “Managing Successful Programmes” (MSP) approach and TOP are focused on ‘benefits’. However, the two approaches have different definitions of what a benefit is and different ways of ensuring they are delivered.

TOP& MSP (2) - Delivery Accountabilities

MSP does not aim to deliver value, only build the capability to deliver value. TOP ensures all projects and programs deliver value.

TOP & MSP - The Blueprint

Prince2 delivers outputs or products — MSP delivers capabilities. Neither approach delivers clear, measurable ‘business outcomes’. MSP refers to ‘outcomes’ but these are, in TOP terms, benefit statements.

TOP And Risk Standard AS/NZS 4360:2004

How TOP simplifies the standard risk approach to make it easier to use and more effective in its ratings.

TOP And (CobiT) VAL-IT

TOP takes the same principles as Val-IT but extends them to be business driven and value focused.


TOP extends the scope of PMBOK to include benefits, value and strategy delivery.