Problems With Reengineering Approaches

Orthodox approaches to reengineering get lost in the detail and end up 'swatting flies while missing the elephants'. To avoid this, simplify.

How To Reduce Project Costs – Simplify Ongoing Operational Complexity

By defining and simplifying your business requirements you can eliminate 20% of operational costs by reducing complexity

Where Does The Value Go On Projects - 7? Value Loss Through Project Delays

Every day your project is delayed, you lose that day's value, permanently. Time is money. You need an active and effective value delivery approach.

Scary Business Requirements

While some organizations believe defining their requirements is a scary option; NOT defining your own business requirements is the real scary option

Why You Should Never Take On A System 'Vanilla'

Organization's are told to take on systems 'vanilla'—this is partly hoax and mostly an expensive mistake, as we explain