Why Are We Approving Projects Set Up To Fail

The business case or a summary of it is usually the key document for evaluation and approval of the project. This is inadequate. At the evaluation stage you also need to validate the project set up too as this can be an invisible driver of excessive costs.

The New Sixth Force Of Competition

Your organization can be rendered superfluous by a new market entrant. The strategic Five-Forces model no longer applies. A sixth force can override them all.

How To Ensure Your Strategy Is Successfully Executed

To accurately measure your strategy's execution through your project portfolio is simple when you have the right tools.

Don't 'Align' Your Projects To Your Strategy

How to powerfully, usefully and effectively measure each projects' strategic contribution.

Taking On Projects Beyond Your Capability To Deliver

Invisible driver of excessive costs Your organization has a range of capabilities - areas where it is particularly strong and effective that deliver the organization’s services and determine its competitiveness.

How Do You Measure Your Project's Strategic Contribution?

Every project must measure its strategic contribution as the first element of project prioritization.

The Project Portfolio Mix - "Smart Idea" Or Hoax?

The notion of a 'balanced portfolio mix' is a hoax. Your project portfolio needs to demonstrably deliver your strategy. It really is that simple.

What Is Project Portfolio Management's Primary Role?

The orthodox view of portfolio management as a super-set of projects and programs is wrong rather it is a subset of strategy execution.

Just What Is The Portfolio Management Office Accountable For?

The role of the portfolio management office may be known, but what exactly is it accountable for? The answer may surprise you

When Do You Need A Project Portfolio Management Office?

To understand project portfolio management you need to understand when you need a Portfolio Office

Retaining Unnecessary Complexity

Invisible waste driver - people don't see the complexity retained that will cost them for years. Designing, developing and delivering something that should no longer exist is a complete waste.

You're Paying An Expensive, Unnecessary 'Tax'

It's time to axe the tax. Imagine that there is a tax of between 25% and 100%. This tax is totally voluntary yet 95% of firms are, unknowingly, paying it.

Wasted Expenditure - Strategically Irrelevant Projects Are Approved

An invisible tax in most organizations Any time, effort and money spent on projects you should not be doing at all is a complete waste. Projects that are irrelevant to your strategy are a complete waste.

How To Track Your Strategy's Execution

Tracking your strategy execution is simple and puts you in control of your strategy's execution

How to execute strategy

TOP's US Partner conducts a '3 nights and done' course on Strategy Execution at Princeton - for you for free.

The True Speed Of Change

Is the speed of change being overstated? We review the fast-moving technology world to find out that the speed of change is...not as fast as thought.

How To Link Strategy, Business Outcomes And Delivery Projects

When your strategy, business and projects are all aligned the increase in results can be exponential. But this requires a different approach.

How To Ensure Every Investment Is Contributing To Your Strategy

How to simply but effectively score each project's strategic contribution and relevance and visibly manage your strategy's execution

The True Cost Of Capital - And "The Capital Crime”

The "Capital Crime" is the unnecessary waste of capital through poorly executed strategies and projects.

The Pre-Requisites To Strategic Growth

Strategic growth is too often undermined by a lack of value delivery processes. Five in particular that can be easily put in place.

The Cost Of Capital Mis-Management

Here are "28 ways to lose $1 million a day”, lose value and destroy capital — check how many are in your organization

The Speed Of Change

The speed of change

The 8 Self Evident Value Delivery Truths #4 Don't Start What You Can't Finish

Assessing if you can deliver successful projects that are strategically relevant is the key to project success.

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 5 - Four Lenses Are Required For Success

The focus of project delivery is cost, of business owners is value, and executive management is ROI, but they all must work together to succeed.

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 4 - Technical Control

Each of the project, business and executive roles, timeframes and measures of success on project delivery are different

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 2 - Business Value

Without the top two 'value delivery lenses' projects are doomed to fail. Find out more.

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 1 - Investment Strategy

TOP's four lens model changes management's perspectives and ​processes for value and project delivery When we approach project delivery through the cost control lens we are doomed to failure. Two additional lenses are required for success.

Is The CFO Part Of The Problem?

Is the CFO part of the problem?

Critical Insights 4 - Why We Do Business Cases

Critical Insights (4) We don't do business cases to justify the project - we do projects to deliver business cases!

Outputs Versus Outcomes

Outputs versus Outcomes

Am I Being Unreasonable?

Am I being unreasonable? It is important to monitor and analyze the true value of a project to avoid underestimating the worth of your work.

It's Time To Stop This Project Madness! 3

Its time to stop this madness! (3)

It's Time To Stop This Project Madness! 2

Its time to stop this madness! (2)

It's Time To Stop This Project Madness! 1

Its time to stop this madness! (1)

The Essential THIRD Dimension

The essential THIRD dimension

Who’s On First?

Who’s on first?

Are you ‘competent’ or ‘capable’?

Are you ‘competent’ or ‘capable’?

Jelly Management

Jelly Management



True Value

True value