How Do You Prioritise 'Mandatory' Projects?

Assessing a project’s strategic relevance and contribution is actually the second question you need to ask when prioritizing a project. The first question is, “Is this mandatory?”

Project Prioritization Process - An Indicator of Management's Quality?

Your project prioritization process determines your future competitiveness and results. Excellent organizations demand an excellent prioritization process.

How Do You Measure Your Project's Strategic Contribution?

Every project must measure its strategic contribution as the first element of project prioritization.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 1 Investment Management Processes

When project/program investment management processes are disconnected from the project portfolio management processes, up to 80% of the project portfolio can be strategically irrelevant!

The Project Portfolio Mix - "Smart Idea" Or Hoax?

The notion of a 'balanced portfolio mix' is a hoax. Your project portfolio needs to demonstrably deliver your strategy. It really is that simple.

Just What Is The Portfolio Management Office Accountable For?

The role of the portfolio management office may be known, but what exactly is it accountable for? The answer may surprise you

Project Prioritization Is Simple

Many organizations struggle with how to prioritize their projects - how to objectively select the highest priority projects that are strategically relevant, worthwhile, doable and which are required to be done now. Yet project prioritisation is really quite simple.

How To Ensure Every Investment Is Contributing To Your Strategy

How to simply but effectively score each project's strategic contribution and relevance and visibly manage your strategy's execution

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 4 - Technical Control

Each of the project, business and executive roles, timeframes and measures of success on project delivery are different

The Continuing Need For Effective Project Prioritization

In a sea of change do we need to change how we approach projects or just perform better? If we're doing what we should be doing, we can deliver value

When Do You Decide To Stop Funding A Project?

A set of criteria to equip management to avoid pouring good money after bad by knowing when to stop funding a project or program.

The Project Evaluation Model

6: The Evaluation Model

Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

Be Afraid, Very afraid!