How To Become A 'Strategic PMO'

Talk of 'Strategic PMOs' is worthless unless you know what it is, how it works and have the knowledge and tools to do it. Now all of this is available.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 3 Outcomes

The Portfolio Management Office must ensure the project delivery methods deliver the business' desired outcomes, rather than just "finishing" a project.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 2 Resources

You'll run out of quality resources before you run out of investment funds. The Project Portfolio Management office must manage resources to maximise success

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 1 Investment Management Processes

When project/program investment management processes are disconnected from the project portfolio management processes, up to 80% of the project portfolio can be strategically irrelevant!

The Project Portfolio Mix - "Smart Idea" Or Hoax?

The notion of a 'balanced portfolio mix' is a hoax. Your project portfolio needs to demonstrably deliver your strategy. It really is that simple.

What Is Project Portfolio Management's Primary Role?

The orthodox view of portfolio management as a super-set of projects and programs is wrong rather it is a subset of strategy execution.

Just What Is The Portfolio Management Office Accountable For?

The role of the portfolio management office may be known, but what exactly is it accountable for? The answer may surprise you

When Do You Need A Project Portfolio Management Office?

To understand project portfolio management you need to understand when you need a Portfolio Office

Simplified Value-Focused Scope And Portfolio Management

Your benefits' value is controlled by your scope and portfolio management processes

“Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Steering Committees”

The effectiveness of your project governance steering committees will largely determine the results and value you deliver from your projects.

How To Ensure Every Investment Is Contributing To Your Strategy

How to simply but effectively score each project's strategic contribution and relevance and visibly manage your strategy's execution

The 8 Self Evident Value Delivery Truths #3 Who Is Accountable For Value

Accountability for value delivery performance lies at the top of the organization. They need to uplift the organization's value delivery capability.

TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 5 - Four Lenses Are Required For Success

The focus of project delivery is cost, of business owners is value, and executive management is ROI, but they all must work together to succeed.

Critical Insights 13 - The PMO Is A Strategy Role

Critical Insights (13)

Please Mr Client, Can I Have Some More?

Please Mr Client, can I have some more?

The Value Delivery Capability Model

5 The Value Delivery Capability Model