The Power Of "Path Dependency"

Path Dependency gives you control over both your project and its business value but is it is a concept too often ignored - learn more here

The Need For "Engineered Thinking™" Techniques

Shallow thinking on projects can lead to disaster and extra work. Use of the Engineered Thinking techniques can transform your thinking and your results. Learn more

The Dangers Of One-Dimensional Thinking

Too many decisions on projects are made without cognizance of their downstream consequences—but do our processes enable these consequences to be known and considered?

Does Technology Improve Productivity?

Whether you generate productivity from your project investments depends on your organization's level of value delivery capability - as we explain.

Problems With Reengineering Approaches

Orthodox approaches to reengineering get lost in the detail and end up 'swatting flies while missing the elephants'. To avoid this, simplify.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Current State In Detail

You must document your organization's current state in detail as everything you do today has to be either eliminated or accommodated in the future.

Unseen Barriers To Project Improvement

Are you the subject of unseen barriers to improving your projects' performance and operations? You may be surprised at the answer.