Projects are not the domain of the project and technical managers, but of the business.

Exploding project Myths 1

This myth is promulgated by both business and project managers.

Business managers want someone to blame if the project doesn’t deliver the desired results — regardless of how well or badly the business has defined what it wants – “It's not my fault; they messed up.

Project managers use this myth to define their terrain. This allows them to be ‘heroes’ – “Just leave it to me and I’ll fix it.” Many projects managers believe they are totally responsible for a project’s success or failure and, therefore, want to control and manage the business rather than work with them.

The Real Truth

Projects start and finish in the business - they therefore need to be business led, directed and governed.

All projects are business projects. Projects are nothing less than how you execute your business strategy and implement change. Therefore, each project needs continuous, informed, and well-equipped business leadership, direction, ownership and involvement.

“Lack of business leadership” always rates higher than poor project management in the list of reasons why projects fail.

To achieve its business outcomes through projects, the business has to define, direct, cajole, manage, govern, and do whatever else is required to ensure the success of the project in business terms.

But up to now the business has not known what to do, when to do it, why it is required, or how to achieve it. Filling this gap is the role of TOP.

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