The Three Different Measures Of Success Applicable To All Projects

There are three sets of success measures applicable to every project, but two are rarely found, targeted or delivered

Project Estimates And The Uncertainty Principle

The accuracy of project estimates is determined by the level of uncertainty at the time. The known accuracy of your estimates is a key determinant of project success.

Why Poor Governance Will Ensure Poor Project Performance

Ineffective project governance will directly impact the (lack of) results delivered. This can be easily avoided.

When To Kill A Project

When to decide to kill a failing project rather than let it consume more funds, effort and attention.

Understanding Project ‘SUCCESS’

There are four principal measures of project success - which have very different business impacts - which will you choose?

What Are The Measures Of Project Success?

What are the measures of project success? There are three sets of success measures that need to be known and targeted for every project.