Do Recruitment Supplier Panels Add Value Or Destroy It?

Do recruitment supplier panels add value or destroy it?

Solving the Non-Problem

Solving the non-problem

What Is The Difference Between A ‘Contractor’ And A ‘Consultant’?

What is the difference between a ‘contractor’ and a ‘consultant’?

Two Critical Questions To Ask Your Consultants

Two critical questions to ask your consultants

A Project Sponsor Walked Into A Bar …

A Project Sponsor walked into a bar …

A Disaster In Flight

A disaster in flight

Deliver A Project Or Deliver The Business Outcomes, Benefits And Value

Delivering a project does not ensure the delivery of the business outcomes

Yeah, But What Does The Software Do?

Yeah, but what does the software do? As project value seekers, project organizers and implementers need to think beyond the surface level and dive deeper into understanding the nooks and corners of every project so as to develop a comprehensible and reliable outcome.

The Investment Logic Map (ILM)

The Investment Logic Map (ILM)

Governance Of IT

Governance of IT

Critical Insights 9 - The Role Of The Project Governance Team Is To Manage Value

Critical Insights (9) - When you define the project's value equation you enable the Project Governance team to fulfil their true role

Survival Of The Fittest

Survival of the fittest. Companies are going to have to be smarter in how they reduce costs and remain ‘fit’ to survive.

Extra Or Alternative?

Extra or Alternative?

It's Time To Stop This Project Madness! 1

Its time to stop this madness! (1)

Off and Running - Where?

Off and running - where?

The Power of Babel

The Power of Babel

The Demise Of The Benefits Delivery Manager

Most of the value lost in projects is lost well before the project gets to implementation. This value loss may occur due to business (in) activity rather than be the fault of the project.

Project Governance On Steroids

Project Governance on Steriods

Please Mr Client, Can I Have Some More?

Please Mr Client, can I have some more?

Who’s On First?

Who’s on first?

Jelly Management

Jelly Management



The Three Different Measures Of Success Applicable To All Projects

There are three sets of success measures applicable to every project, but two are rarely found, targeted or delivered

The Change Identification Framework

9: The Change Planning Framework

The Five Components of Value Delivery

8: The Five Components of Value Delivery

I’m An Executive, Get Me Out Of Here!

The Executive has the imperative role and responsibility to 'own' the project throughout its lifecycle. He/she has the specific duties of overseeing the development of the Project Brief and Business Case and thereafter hold a Post-Project Review to ensure the required values are realised.

The Project Governance Structure

7: The Governance Structure

The Value Gap

3: The Value Gap

The Value Equation

2: The Value Equation

The Infernal Project 'Iron Triangle'

The project 'iron triangle' is actually four dimensional (time, cost, scope and quality) but misses the most vital element - value

Why Poor Governance Will Ensure Poor Project Performance

Ineffective project governance will directly impact the (lack of) results delivered. This can be easily avoided.

When To Kill A Project

When to decide to kill a failing project rather than let it consume more funds, effort and attention.

What Do You Do With An Absent Sponsor?

An absent sponsor will virtually guarantee a significant loss in the project's delivered value. What do you do with an absent Sponsor?

What Do You Do When You See 'Red'?

What should you do if your project reports items as 'red'? Why should you be uncomfortable if it doesn't?

Taking Over A Project As Project Sponsor

The key criteria to assess when taking over a project as project sponsor

The Instant Guide To Being A Project Sponsor

Nine quick recommendations for anyone who wants to become (or has become) a project sponsor

The Developer As Sponsor

The role of a project sponsor can be seen in this true story of a developer who personified the role of an effective sponsor

The Impacts Of Poor Or Non-Existent Project Governance

Poor or non-existent project governance can lead to expensive unintended consequences that need to be avoided

The Project Sponsor Role

The project sponsor role is to actively deliver the maximum available business value (not to just deliver the project)

What Are The Measures Of Success For A Governance Process

Few organizations have taken the time to formally decide what their project governance functions and roles are. It is really simple.