Delivering a project does not ensure the delivery of the business outcomes

You Can - β€˜A’ - Deliver The Project

Or you can β€˜B’ - deliver what you really want - the business outcomes, benefits and value. Delivery of β€˜A’ does not automatically result in the delivery of β€˜B’. β€˜B’ is not a subset or subsequent step to β€˜A’ but the reason for β€˜A’.

β€˜B’ therefore needs to drive β€˜A’ to ensure the business outcomes are made realizable by β€˜A’.

The trouble is that delivering the outcomes benefits and value is not what most project do. 

β€˜A’ is usually defined, managed and delivered (with varying degrees of success).

β€˜B’ is usually defined in the business case and then hoped for as a consequence of delivering β€˜A’.

β€˜B’ is seen as a means of justifying β€˜A’, not as the focus of β€˜A’.

β€˜B’ is harder to achieve than β€˜A’.

Yet β€˜B’ is where the value is and is the true measure of success.

Organizations good at delivering β€˜A’ are often not good at delivering β€˜B’.

Most don’t even try.

Many organizations still focus on ensuring β€˜A’ is delivered and are hoping for β€˜B’.

Most still don’t see the difference.


But the basics do not change.

β€˜B’ is why you do projects (β€˜A’).

Achievement of β€˜B’ is the measure of success.

Achievement of β€˜B’ delivers the business value.

β€˜B’ needs to be the starting and end point, driving β€˜A’.

It is time to redirect your focus onto β€˜B’ and make everyone part of the β€˜B’ team.

It is time for a new Value Delivery Scienceβ„’.

Topics: Value Delivery, Project Controls, Project Governance

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First published: Simms, J. (Aug 2009) as "Deliver A Project Or Deliver The Business Outcomes, Benefits And Value "

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