‘A’ versus ‘B’

You Can - ‘A’ - Deliver The Project

Or you can ‘B’ - deliver what you really want - the business outcomes, benefits and value. Delivery of ‘A’ does not automatically result in the delivery of ‘B’. ‘B’ is not a subset or subsequent step to ‘A’ but the reason for ‘A’.

‘B’ therefore needs to drive ‘A’ to ensure the business outcomes are made realizable by ‘A’.

The trouble is that delivering the outcomes benefits and value is not what most project do. 

‘A’ is usually defined, managed and delivered (with varying degrees of success).

‘B’ is usually defined in the business case and then hoped for as a consequence of delivering ‘A’.

‘B’ is seen as a means of justifying ‘A’, not as the focus of ‘A’.

‘B’ is harder to achieve than ‘A’.

Yet ‘B’ is where the value is and is the true measure of success.

Organizations good at delivering ‘A’ are often not good at delivering ‘B’.

Most don’t even try.

Many organizations still focus on ensuring ‘A’ is delivered and are hoping for ‘B’.

Most still don’t see the difference.


But the basics do not change.

‘B’ is why you do projects (‘A’).

Achievement of ‘B’ is the measure of success.

Achievement of ‘B’ delivers the business value.

‘B’ needs to be the starting and end point, driving ‘A’.

It is time to redirect your focus onto ‘B’ and make everyone part of the ‘B’ team.

It is time for a new Value Delivery Science™.

Topics: Value Delivery, Project Controls, Project Governance

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Revision History

First published: Simms, J. (Aug 2009) as "Deliver A Project Or Deliver The Business Outcomes, Benefits And Value "

Updated: Chapman, A. (March 2020), Revisions and Corrections