Research has shown that more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management.

Project governance in the cloud

As you probably know, “More projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management.”
Repeated research has shown that lack of informed executive leadership is a top-3 factor in project failure (with project management coming in between 5 and 7).

It is not as if executives are not involved – they are nominated and act as Sponsors and Steering Committee members – it is just that they are not effective.

Since 1999 TOP® has pioneered Executive Project Governance education and support. This world-class material is now available to all executives to arm and support them in their governance roles and meetings to deliver the results.

The “TOP Project Governance Center of Expertise” delivers education, information and learning in a series of “Understanding” posts and videos. These are supported with over 110 “How to” guides covering all governance-related topics from selecting the steering committee and consultants, assessing the business requirements and business case, managing the project manager and risks and governing the financials and progress.

Short, sharp, practical to the point guidance that provides the basics (which too few executives know), the questions to ask, checklists and measures of success.

For the first time executives have access to practical knowhow and guidance to arm them to perform their governance roles effectively and increase the success rate of projects.

Importantly the TOP Project Governance Center of Expertise is written by executives for executives. It is focused on successfully delivering improved business performance (not just improved project delivery).

The Center of Expertise is available anywhere, anytime ‘in the cloud’. Even in governance meetings, executives can access a topic, see the questions to be asked and take action to improve their project’s likelihood of success.

The TOP project governance materials acknowledge the 40-40-20 rule — that executives know 40% of what they need to know, they think they know another 40% that has to be either confirmed or corrected, but they don’t know 20% of what they need to know and that jeopardizes both their projects and their results.

The TOP Center of Expertise enables them to privately learn what they need to know, confirm their knowledge and correct it where necessary.

Many years ago, Tom Davenport said that, “Effective executive leadership of projects is the greatest determinant of project success” – now your executives can be easily armed to effectively lead, manage and control their project investments to increase their success.

For example: The Challenges of Complex IT Projects BCS 2004
Assessed as ‘World class’ by Harvard Business School and as an ‘Outstanding Product Innovation’ by the Australian Information Industry Association and ‘Market leader’ by Gartner.
Tom Davenport – Process Innovation – HBR Press 2000


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