Poor project governance can destroy your project, leaving you, as Project Manager, to wear the blame. Learn how to manage your project governance team.

"Project Governance for Project Managers" Course

Many project managers have been the ‘victims’ of poor project governance—absent sponsors, ineffective steering committees, apparently random decision-making, last minute demands. It would not surprise these project managers to know...

...that when the reasons for project failure are analyzed, poor project governance trumps poor project management as a principal cause. [1]

It may also not surprise, that most business managers and executives in project governance roles do not know why they are there or what they should be doing. Their poor performance can be due to the poor understanding of their role.

But you, as a project manager, need to deal effectively with your governance team if you are to be successful. How?

Totally Optimized Projects (TOP) is offering an intensive one-day “Project Governance for Project Managers” course, aimed at equipping project managers with the knowledge and knowhow required to work effectively with their sponsors and steering committee members (whatever their level of capability presently is).

This one-day course will equip you so that you can avoid being a 'victim' project manager and instead be seen as a highly valued collaborative partner to the governance team.

What you'll learn

On this one-day intensive course you will learn:

  1. What project governance truly is and why it is so important (most people get this wrong). [2]

  2. What are the true roles of the sponsor and steering committee (and it may not be what you think).

  3. What the governance team expect of their project managers and how they are assessing you and your performance.

  4. What they hate the most.

  5. How to manage and leverage the governance team roles and authority to get the supprt and results you need.

  6. Why governance team's perspectives and timeframes are different to yours and what this means to you.

  7. Your measures of success versus their measures of success — and why they are so different.

  8. How to excel as a project manager in their eyes.

  9. When – in the governance team’s eyes – are you finished.

Why this Knowledge is vital to you

If you are out of alignment with your governance team, you can do an excellent job - and still be seen as a failure.

You can cause yourself real problems by referring the wrong decisions to your governance team or not keeping them informed when they need to be.

Different sponsors manage in different ways. You need to be aware of and aligned to their specific management style, the way they take in information, their aspirations and personal measures of success (and understand how these can be important for you).

A highly effective project governance team can be your best ally and enabler of success. Or it can be an obstacle to success. 

Training in project governance since 1999

TOP has educated thousands of executives and project managers in their project governance roles since 1999. We have shown both business executives and technical and project managers what they need to know about this important topic that too often, is misunderstood or just not understood at all.

In Conclusion

Although, many project managers find the ineffectiveness of their governance teams frustrating; this course will equip you with the knowledge to do something about it.

The courses are available in May and June 2016 in Melbourne and Sydney (Australia), with additional courses planned for Brisbane, Adelaide, Singapore, Scandinavia, UK and the USA.






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