Successful projects require the active and knowledgeable involvement of everyone top to bottom, from the board to the frontline staff

Most methodologies or bodies of knowledge are designed for specialists — specialist project managers, change managers, business analysts, system architects and alike. The poor business expert is left out in the cold.

You need  a more holistic approach to projects that incorporates the roles of everyone from the Board to the frontline staff; from the Project Sponsor to the PMO — everyone who has a role to play in the successful delivery of an optimized result.

When we present to Boards they admit that they are very wary of project proposals, especially IT project proposals. “I have never met an IT proposal that did not blow out in time and cost,” more than one Board member has stated. To say they feel uncomfortable is to be kind. They don’t know what they don’t know and therefore don’t know what to ask or know how to interpret the answers.

Tools, techniques and processes are required for

  • The executives and board
  • Project sponsors and their governance committees
  • Portfolio managers
  • Project practitioners
  • Business staff
  • CIOs
  • Auditors
  • even Consultants

This ensures everyone, top to bottom, knows what to do, when, why and how to do it.

This top-to-bottom approach stops value being lost through gaps in the performance of the different roles and also prevents the project team being expected to fill in for everyone else when they fail to perform.

This is why TOP was designed to optimize every project role – TOP-to-bottom.


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First published: Simms, J. (Apr 2011) as "The Need For A TOP-To-Bottom Approach"

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