TOP's Four Lens Perspective On Projects 1 - Investment Strategy

TOP's four lens model changes management's perspectives and ​processes for value and project delivery When we approach project delivery through the cost control lens we are doomed to failure. Two additional lenses are required for success.

Where Does The Value Go On Projects - 7? Value Loss Through Project Delays

Every day your project is delayed, you lose that day's value, permanently. Time is money. You need an active and effective value delivery approach.

Where Does The Value Go On Projects - 1?

The cumulative increase in project delivery costs plus the loss of targeted value causes projects to lose half of their available value, unnecessarily

Own Goals?

Own goals? On-time/on a budget are measures of project efficiency, not business value. Until we take a business perspective, we'll continue to disappoint our business partners.

Looking The Wrong Way

Looking the wrong way

Frozen Out

The organization needs to vouch that their projects are not ‘frozen’ before they can be assured it will deliver real value to the business.


In our governance training, we emphasize that governance is about two things above all else – the delivery of desired business outcomes, benefits and value, and taking action. Project governance is not for watchers.

Scoring Goals

Scoring goals - it is not important to set goals and work towards sustaining the operations along with those set goals, but all the means must be utilized in order to achieve those goals and objectives.

The Difference Between An Audit And A Diagnostic

The difference between an Audit and a Diagnostic

Do Recruitment Supplier Panels Add Value Or Destroy It?

Do recruitment supplier panels add value or destroy it?

Are Project Managers A ‘Commodity’?

Are Project Managers a ‘commodity’?

Solving the Non-Problem

Solving the non-problem

What Is The Difference Between A ‘Contractor’ And A ‘Consultant’?

What is the difference between a ‘contractor’ and a ‘consultant’?

Two Critical Questions To Ask Your Consultants

Two critical questions to ask your consultants

A Disaster In Flight

A disaster in flight

Deliver A Project Or Deliver The Business Outcomes, Benefits And Value

Delivering a project does not ensure the delivery of the business outcomes

What Does TOP Have In Common With The iPhone

What does TOP have in common with the iPhone

Yeah, But What Does The Software Do?

Yeah, but what does the software do? As project value seekers, project organizers and implementers need to think beyond the surface level and dive deeper into understanding the nooks and corners of every project so as to develop a comprehensible and reliable outcome.

The Investment Logic Map (ILM)

The Investment Logic Map (ILM)

Outputs Versus Outcomes

Outputs versus Outcomes

I Have Not Got Time Right Now!

I have not got time right now!

Why You Should NOT Try To Improve How You Do Projects!

Why you should NOT try to improve how you do projects!

Am I Being Unreasonable?

Am I being unreasonable? It is important to monitor and analyze the true value of a project to avoid underestimating the worth of your work.

It's Time To Stop This Project Madness! 1

Its time to stop this madness! (1)

The Essential THIRD Dimension

The essential THIRD dimension

Off and Running - Where?

Off and running - where?

The Power of Babel

The Power of Babel

The Demise Of The Benefits Delivery Manager

Most of the value lost in projects is lost well before the project gets to implementation. This value loss may occur due to business (in) activity rather than be the fault of the project.

Please Mr Client, Can I Have Some More?

Please Mr Client, can I have some more?

When Do You Decide To Stop Funding A Project?

A set of criteria to equip management to avoid pouring good money after bad by knowing when to stop funding a project or program.

Are you ‘competent’ or ‘capable’?

Are you ‘competent’ or ‘capable’?

Jelly Management

Jelly Management

The Three Indelible Numbers

The three indelible numbers



True Value

True value

The Five Components of Value Delivery

8: The Five Components of Value Delivery

I’m An Executive, Get Me Out Of Here!

The Executive has the imperative role and responsibility to 'own' the project throughout its lifecycle. He/she has the specific duties of overseeing the development of the Project Brief and Business Case and thereafter hold a Post-Project Review to ensure the required values are realised.

Value Delivery - Can You Take The Truth?

Organizations are shying away from choosing to focus on value delivery—which is very expensive

Project v Value Delivery - Compatible Or Conflicting?

Is the concept of 'value delivery' incompatible with project delivery or does one drive the other? We explain

The Value Equation

2: The Value Equation