Is the concept of 'value delivery' incompatible with project delivery or does one drive the other? We explain

Conflict or Complimentary?

Value delivery doesn’t replace project delivery, it adds, refocuses and improves the performance of standard project delivery approaches.

Value delivery drives the standard project-delivery processes in different directions — setting new measures of success, evaluating project proposals on new bases, refocusing business governance and ownership.

It also addresses the issues that so often perplex, frustrate and anger many about projects, such as:

  • project and business expectations are divergent
  • business value is promised but not delivered
  • project results are damaged by risks that no one foresaw
  • projects are approved that will never deliver value or even support the organization’s strategy,
  • and so on.

But, most importantly, value delivery addresses the basic reason for projects:

"to change the organization,

realize the targeted new business end states

and deliver the associated benefits and value."

Value Delivery is a new lens to focus on projects. 

To explore how business strategy, value and project delivery align, read our ebook, "The TOP Four Value Delivery Lenses"


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