Why 'Effective Implementation' Is Critical To Project Success

Projects delivered to specification can still fail at the implementation stage. Only effective implementation ensures project success

The True Roles Of Time And Cost On Projects And Project Success

Project time and cost management are still critical but are not measures of project success

The Absurdity Of The Triple Constraint Measures Of Project Success

The orthodox measures of project success are, when you really think about it, absurd. They measure inputs not outputs but what you want is outputs.

Forget Stakeholder Management, Focus On The Project Owners

Stakeholder management ignores the fact that the business areas impact, management and sponsor are the owners and investors

Time To Rein In Strategic Sourcing?

Has strategic sourcing overstepped its powers and needs to be reined in? What should it be doing?

Three Rules For Strategic Software Selection

The three strategic software selection rules prevent unnecessary expenditure and failed results from new software. But too often they are ignored.

The absurdity Of The Triple Constraint Project Success Measures

When you think about it, measuring project success using the Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle is absurd. They measure completely the wrong dimensions

The Triple Constraint Measures Of Project Success Are Dangerous

The standard Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle measures of project success actually cause expensive to the business problems and should be replaced

What Are Your Measures Of Project Success?

How you measure project success determines if your projects deliver successfully in business terms

Project Prioritization Process - An Indicator of Management's Quality?

Your project prioritization process determines your future competitiveness and results. Excellent organizations demand an excellent prioritization process.

How To Define True Project Success For Your Projects 2

Project success requires you to know all of the activities required, your path dependencies and your benefits' up-to-date value. Do you know this for your project?

How To Define True Project Success For Your Projects 1

The TOP Value Equation equips you to define and deliver true project success that maximizes the business value realized

The True Cost Of Project Failure

Lack of project success incurs massive costs - both visible and invisible. No organization can afford such failure.

Four Principal Areas Of Control To Ensure Project Success

You cannot track project success through orthodox project reporting, there are four critical areas that need to be tracked and measured to ensure the success of your project

The 7 Prerequisites To Delivering Successful Projects

Here are 7 prerequisites that you need to have in place for successful projects. You should check each project today against the checklist provided.

How Do You Measure Your Project's Strategic Contribution?

Every project must measure its strategic contribution as the first element of project prioritization.

The 10 Measures Of Project Success

The measures of project success abound, but there are 10 key measures of success that matter to the business.

Project Completion Is Not 'Project Success'

Project completion does not equal project success. Project success is a different measure that orthodox methodologies do not support. A new approach is needed.

Is Your Organization Really Targeting Project Success?

Is your organization targeting project success or trying 'not to fail'? Winning or not losing are diametrically different approaches.

Is Your Project Already In Trouble?

The lack of clear, specific 'desired business outcomes' statements measurable with a true/false question driving the project dooms projects to fail in part or in full.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 3 Outcomes

The Portfolio Management Office must ensure the project delivery methods deliver the business' desired outcomes, rather than just "finishing" a project.

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 2 Resources

You'll run out of quality resources before you run out of investment funds. The Project Portfolio Management office must manage resources to maximise success

Potential Threats To Portfolio Management Offices - 1 Investment Management Processes

When project/program investment management processes are disconnected from the project portfolio management processes, up to 80% of the project portfolio can be strategically irrelevant!

The Project Portfolio Mix - "Smart Idea" Or Hoax?

The notion of a 'balanced portfolio mix' is a hoax. Your project portfolio needs to demonstrably deliver your strategy. It really is that simple.

What Is Project Portfolio Management's Primary Role?

The orthodox view of portfolio management as a super-set of projects and programs is wrong rather it is a subset of strategy execution.

Addressing the Myki “risks” and other misadventures

The fact Victoria still doesn't know how well Myki is performing is a perfect representation of the project’s failure.

Just What Is The Portfolio Management Office Accountable For?

The role of the portfolio management office may be known, but what exactly is it accountable for? The answer may surprise you

When Do You Need A Project Portfolio Management Office?

To understand project portfolio management you need to understand when you need a Portfolio Office

We Need To Talk About 'Benefits'

The obstacles to the successful implementation of benefits management come in all shapes and sizes, but boil down to three root causes.

How The Rush 'To Do' Compromises Project Delivery Quality

Speed is good when it is accompanied by quality. Quality of thought. Quality of preparation. Quality of planning and execution.

How To Justify The Unjustifiable And Hard To Justify Projects

Technical projects are often hard to justify in business and financial terms. This is a problem the TOP Value Equation resolves simply.

How To Identify Your 'Desired Business Outcomes'

Your project's desired business outcomes can be your primary measure of success only when you know how to define them

How To Improve Project Results Through Increased Project Control

With this 'black hole' you can lose control of your project and what you're trying to achieve. Yet the TOP Value Equation can fill this hole.

How To Get Benefits Management Adopted In Your Organization

To successfully implement benefits management you have to tackle three dimensions in the correct order, otherwise you'll fail.

Retaining Unnecessary Complexity

Invisible waste driver - people don't see the complexity retained that will cost them for years. Designing, developing and delivering something that should no longer exist is a complete waste.

You're Paying An Expensive, Unnecessary 'Tax'

It's time to axe the tax. Imagine that there is a tax of between 25% and 100%. This tax is totally voluntary yet 95% of firms are, unknowingly, paying it.

Project Prioritization Is Simple

Many organizations struggle with how to prioritize their projects - how to objectively select the highest priority projects that are strategically relevant, worthwhile, doable and which are required to be done now. Yet project prioritisation is really quite simple.

How To Fail As A Sponsor

My first project for which I was the Project Sponsor was a failure. I was sponsoring a project to replace a closed system with a new flexible, open system.

Simple, Practical, Project Governance

Research has shown that more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management.

The Dangers Of "Unknown Unknowns"

What you don't know can be high risk and high cost to you personally and to your organization.