The Project Manager's Role - Who "Owns" The Project?

If you are a project manager who thinks the project manager's role is to "deliver" the project, then you are in the wrong profession.

Think Different Worlds

In operational day-to-day management we discourage thinking. We have repeatable processes and extensive automation to predefine how things are done.

Generating Extreme Value - Fast

How can you increase the value of a project from $0 to $40 million in two weeks?

Your Place Or Mine?

Meeting rooms are often at a premium. Therefore Steering Committee meetings are held wherever the project manager can find a room. Also, when the project manager meets with the Sponsor, it is often in the Sponsor’s office. This can isolate the Sponsor and Steering Committee from the project team and its environment.

Overstating The Budget

Invisible driver of excessive costs. Projects progressively generate a set of requirements, a solution and an approach that is then ‘justified’ in the business case.

Projects Are 'Out Of Control' - But Why?

W. Edwards Deming defined ‘in control’ as: “when the goals of the system can be predictably met better than 95% of the time.” By this definition projects are definitely ‘out of control’.

Wasted Expenditure - Strategically Irrelevant Projects Are Approved

An invisible tax in most organizations Any time, effort and money spent on projects you should not be doing at all is a complete waste. Projects that are irrelevant to your strategy are a complete waste.

There Are A Few Of You Missing Out...

TOP Thinking on Prioritization - "PRIORITIZATION IS SIMPLE" has gone out. Here's an excerpt...

These Good Times Are Ending...

Just a quick heads up... At the end of July 2014 - in just 10 days time - we are switching email providers and want you to come with us.

How Does TOP Improve Project Performance?

TOP equips the business to define its true needs and then govern the project to successfully deliver the business value

What Are "Critical Success Factors"?

Critical Success Factors are prerequisites to the success of the project, not the most important measures of success.

Can You Choose Your Project Measures Of Success?

Many projects are using the wrong measures of success. Yet, there is only one true measure of success which is simple to understand.

What You Need To Improve The Results Of Your Project Investments

To improve the ROI from project investments you need to uplift your value delivery capability and measure the results of each improvement.

The Project Versus Value Delivery Perspectives

If you see value delivery as an extension of project delivery you will severely compromise the business value delivered, as we explain

How To Deliver A ROI From Project Investments Consistently

Your organization's value delivery capability determines the results and ROI it will deliver.

Poor Project Performance Is A Business Problem

So long as you see poor project performance as a "project problem" you will have problem projects. The business needs to take back control.

How To Measure Your Project's Benefits

Benefits management and measurement is easy if you set up your projects to track and deliver the value.

How To Track Your Strategy's Execution

Tracking your strategy execution is simple and puts you in control of your strategy's execution

Is Your Capital Management A 'Capital Crime'?

In practice capital management and capital allocation is a game. A very expensive game. In fact, a "capital crime".

Business Outcomes — The Holy Grail For Projects

The definition of your desired business outcomes is the 'holy grail 'of projects that every manager needs to understand.

How to execute strategy

TOP's US Partner conducts a '3 nights and done' course on Strategy Execution at Princeton - for you for free.

The Choice Between Project Delivery Capability and Value Delivery Capability

If you don't build your organization's capability to deliver value from projects, you will never deliver the value from projects. It's that simple.

The Choice Between Measuring Project Success By Inputs Or Outputs

The success of most projects is measured by time and cost - the inputs. Success should instead be measured by what comes out of the project.

The Choice Between Projects And Programs

The orthodox distinctions ​between "what is a project" and "what is a program" are wrong. Here we explain why and what the real differences are.

The Choice Between Project And Value Delivery

"Value Delivery" is not just "Project Delivery" with benefits and value tacked on. It starts with a completely different mindset and approach.

Should You Aim For A Technical Or Organizational Change?

Pure technical projects can miss millions of benefits unnecessarily. All projects should be organizational change projects led by the business..

Benefits Have To Be Planned, Managed And Delivered To Be Measured

Benefits don't just happen, they have to be planned, actioned and delivered. Benefits delivery is a change process - not a measurement process.

Simplified Value-Focused Scope And Portfolio Management

Your benefits' value is controlled by your scope and portfolio management processes

Benefits Management Can Be Simple, Easy And Effective

Benefits Management can be simple, easy and effective. While there are five alternatives, the TOP approach ensures you deliver the benefits.

The Need For Deep Thinking

Do you challenge enough? Are you thinking deeply or just accepting what you are told? We are taught NOT to think, we need to jettison this.

The True Speed Of Change

Is the speed of change being overstated? We review the fast-moving technology world to find out that the speed of change is...not as fast as thought.

How To Link Strategy, Business Outcomes And Delivery Projects

When your strategy, business and projects are all aligned the increase in results can be exponential. But this requires a different approach.

Does Technology Improve Productivity?

Whether you generate productivity from your project investments depends on your organization's level of value delivery capability - as we explain.

“Why ‘Transformation Programs’ Fail”

Transformation programs demand that the organization has the necessary 'capability' to successfully deliver them. Most organization's are deficient.

“Why You Should NOT Improve Your Project Delivery Processes”

Improving your project delivery processes can prevent you easily adopting value delivery processes - processes that actually deliver what you want.

“Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Steering Committees”

The effectiveness of your project governance steering committees will largely determine the results and value you deliver from your projects.

How To Ensure Every Investment Is Contributing To Your Strategy

How to simply but effectively score each project's strategic contribution and relevance and visibly manage your strategy's execution

The Need To Validate Your Projects And Business Cases

If you thoroughly validate your business cases and projects before approval you can both save millions and generate extra millions.

The True Cost Of Capital - And "The Capital Crime”

The "Capital Crime" is the unnecessary waste of capital through poorly executed strategies and projects.

The Value Of Defining 'Desired Business Outcomes'

Defining clear, specific, measurable desired business outcomes changes your project, reduces your costs and increases the value. Really!