How can you increase the value of a project from $0 to $40 million in two weeks?

From $0 to $40 million in two weeks - and now you can do it too.

It was 4.30 on Friday afternoon when I received a phone call – “Can you be here first thing Monday morning, we have an urgent job for you?”

Early Monday morning I arrive to be briefed. A project that had been going for a year had just failed to get its business case approved at the Board level. It needed help, fast. And, just to add to the challenge, the whole project leadership team was going overseas the next day to view the shortlisted software solutions – so I had only a few hours to learn from them what this project was all about.

Long story short.

The project had gone to the Board with no ‘bankable’ benefits, only a “If we don’t do this project we will lose $400 million worth of business” justification. The Board did not accept this justification.

We got to work using the TOP Value Proposition Module.

We first defined (for the first time on this one-year old project) the desired business outcomes that it would deliver. What would the business look like after the end of the project? What did ‘success’ look like?

We then compared these end states to the current state and identified the potential business benefits. We picked the most valuable and computed their available value ±10%.

We also created a high level change plan identifying all of the different types of change required to deliver the outcomes, benefits and value.

The resultant value proposition for this project identified

  • Twenty-one desired business outcomes
  • Over 50 available business benefits
  • $40 million in bankable benefits
  • And a justified corrected potential business loss of $700 million (not $400 million)
  • We also identified that one systems module that had just been deleted to save costs actually delivered around 60% of the benefits. (It was reinstated)

Not bad for two week’s work with no project leadership team available.

The project leadership team was delighted and took this new value proposition and got the project approved at the next Board meeting.

However, through our change identification work, we also identified that the way the project had been set up and was to be implemented it was destined to fail as it was not addressing all of the required areas of change and therefore progress and implementation would be frustrated at each step. (All that was required was a change in delivery approach.)

The project leadership team took this news and buried it (to the organization’s massive cost later).

This little story shows how powerful the TOP Value Proposition process is. It can take projects from $0 to $40 million in two weeks and identify whether or not it is set up for success.

We provide the training, tools, techniques, templates and process steps. All you have to do is apply them as defined.

Try it on a current project and see the uplift in results. What have you got to lose?

And it is no risk. If you find it is not for you – we’ll refund your initial subscription no questions asked.

If you have a project you are struggling to get up or you want greater clarity and consensus across the business on your project – here is the answer for the equivalent of a couple of hours of a single contractor’s time.


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