The Worst Profession In The World?

The worst profession in the world?

Outputs Versus Outcomes

Outputs versus Outcomes

I Have Not Got Time Right Now!

I have not got time right now!

Why You Should NOT Try To Improve How You Do Projects!

Why you should NOT try to improve how you do projects!

Off and Running - Where?

Off and running - where?

Jelly Management

Jelly Management

Assumptions - The Most Dangerous Aspect Of Projects?

Are untested assumptions the most dangerous aspect of projects? They can cause projects to fail. Let's ban them.

The Change Identification Framework

9: The Change Planning Framework

The Value Equation

2: The Value Equation

The Infernal Project 'Iron Triangle'

The project 'iron triangle' is actually four dimensional (time, cost, scope and quality) but misses the most vital element - value

How Healthy Is Your ‘Health Check’?

If your health check process is asking the wrong questions, you'll get the wrong answers and that is unhealthy

What Do You Do When You See 'Red'?

What should you do if your project reports items as 'red'? Why should you be uncomfortable if it doesn't?