Change Capability

How well you do change determines how much change you can do

Governing Resources

Your project is only as good as the people you put on it - and this includes the governance team. A key role of executive management is to ensure you have the right resources on every project.

Eliminating Project Waste

Most projects miss, lose or destroy more value than they deliver. But most of the waste incurred is invisible, and so it is neither measured nor managed.

The TOP 5%

Only the top 5% of firms are capable of effectively delivering their strategies, projects and business value in full. The other 95% waste expenditure, lose value and miss opportunities on a massive scale.

In Search of the 'holy grail' for projects

What if there was one simple thing that everyone could do to dramatically improve the business results from projects? What is the magical 'holy grail' for projects?

Managing for Value

Most projects fail to deliver all of their available business value. This is not incompetence or each individual project’s failing - it is a systemic problem.

The Choice

Worldwide unknowingly organizations have made a choice - a choice that is costing them millions each year. This book spells out the nature of this choice and the need to consciously choose 'value delivery'.

Why IT Projects Are Different

Board members and executives are often bemused by IT projects. While they can understand 'normal' projects, they just don't understand IT project investments. Are they different or is this a myth?

Effective Project Governance

The Project Governance role is not well understood. Poor Project Governance by Sponsors and Steering Committees can destroy enormous project value.

Managing Value

Generating the value from projects is a challenge - not least because 'value' is not well understood.

Ensuring Project Success

Just when is a project 'successful'? Even this question would get a variety of answers in most circles. Here we define project success from a business point of view.

Being a Project Sponsor

Learn how successful (and unsuccessful) project sponsors do their jobs by reading these true stories of triumph and failure.

The Capital Crime

Novella expose of the cost of deficient investment management processes, and the need to uplift your organization's 'value delivery capability'

Solving the Benefits Puzzle

“Solving the benefits puzzle” spells out the problems in measuring benefits in a story format and presents the solution by outlining a scientific approach to benefits management.


This entertaining exposé uses true stories to show how consultants work, and how you, as a client, must manage them to get the maximum value.


What is the promise of totally optimized projects? That you can increase project value and deliver in less time and for less cost .