The Project Governance role is not well understood. Poor Project Governance by Sponsors and Steering Committees can destroy enormous project value.

The Project Governance team’s leadership and direction of a project can make or break any project.

Sadly, the Project Governance role is not well understood. Project governance is not hard, but it differs from the traditional operational management role that most executives and managers are familiar with. Not understanding this difference may condemn your project to failure on one or more dimensions.

As the first article in this book asks, "If project governance is the answer, what's the question?"

In these ten articles, we discuss a range of project governance concepts, including:

  • The different types of project governance
  • The impacts of poor project governance
  • What you need to know in a governance role
  • And more.

Every executive and board member and project specialist can quickly learn what project governance is and why it is so important, and how to Increase influence and contribution to ensure project success.

If you make one right decision at the right time as a result of reading this book, it might save your organisation millions.


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