Strategy Execution - Value Delivery - Made Simple

Is strategy execution, project and value delivery inherently complex or have we just made it so?

Strategy Execution can be simple

Consistently, the research into strategy execution finds that around 70% of strategies are not successfully delivered.

Eliminating Project Waste

Most projects miss, lose or destroy more value than they deliver. But most of the waste incurred is invisible, and so it is neither measured nor managed.

The TOP 5%

Only the top 5% of firms are capable of effectively delivering their strategies, projects and business value in full. The other 95% waste expenditure, lose value and miss opportunities on a massive scale.

The TOP Four Value Delivery Lenses

Successful strategy execution and value delivery requires four perspectives or ‘lenses’

The Capital Crime

Novella expose of the cost of deficient investment management processes, and the need to uplift your organization's 'value delivery capability'