The TOP 15 Project Questions for Executives

Written by an executive, for all executives who want to be on top of their project investments.

TOP Business Case Handbook

You commission projects to realize the benefits. The business case is, therefore, THE most important document in the project delivery process.

Governing Resources

Your project is only as good as the people you put on it - and this includes the governance team. A key role of executive management is to ensure you have the right resources on every project.

The Massive Risks of your UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS

What you don’t know can kill your project (and your reputation)

The TOP EIGHT Self-Evident Truths

Taking a business strategy perspective reveals the eight ‘Self-Evident Truths’ about projects.

The TOP 26 Dimensions of Project Governance

Project governance is more not understood than misunderstood. Here we explain what each dimension is and the risks of not executing each dimension effectively.

Why IT Projects Are Different

Board members and executives are often bemused by IT projects. While they can understand 'normal' projects, they just don't understand IT project investments. Are they different or is this a myth?

Effective Project Governance

The Project Governance role is not well understood. Poor Project Governance by Sponsors and Steering Committees can destroy enormous project value.

Being a Project Sponsor

Learn how successful (and unsuccessful) project sponsors do their jobs by reading these true stories of triumph and failure.


What is the promise of totally optimized projects? That you can increase project value and deliver in less time and for less cost .