You commission projects to realize the benefits. The business case is, therefore, THE most important document in the project delivery process.

The business case spells out why you’re doing the project, the value to be realized, the investment required to achieve this value, plus how and by whom it is to be delivered and controlled. 

Yet, most business cases are poor, inadequate for the job, and fail to provide the rigor of thinking and detail required.   

The TOP approach makes the business case the central document in the end-to-end project delivery process. 

Instead of the business case existing to justify the project, the project exists to deliver the business case. 

With TOP,  just completing the project is not enough.  Unless the targeted business benefits are achieved, you have failed.  Indeed, you can be worse off if the ‘gain’ from the project does not outweigh the ‘pain’ of the project.

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