Project Success can be simple

When projects define the true business measures of success - the desired business outcomes, benefits, and value to be produced, it becomes simple to achieve project success.

In Search of the 'holy grail' for projects

What if there was one simple thing that everyone could do to dramatically improve the business results from projects? What is the magical 'holy grail' for projects?

Managing for Value

Most projects fail to deliver all of their available business value. This is not incompetence or each individual project’s failing - it is a systemic problem.

Why your measures of success are destroying your projects

TOP is specifically designed to enable (and measure) the successful delivery of projects.

How to define your measures of project success

How to move beyond the orthodox ‘on time, on budget’ measures, to define the true business measures of project success — outcomes, benefits and value


The current measures of project success - “on-time, on-budget, to-specification" - are absurd because they measure success by the inputs used, rather than by the value to be created.

What is Project Success and how do you achieve it

It is time to re-state what true ‘project success’ is and identify what tools, techniques and processes you need to have in place to ensure you deliver each project successfully.

Understanding Project Success

Measures of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ first need to be defined.

The Executive's Quick Guide to Success or Failure with Projects

As a business executive, you are both accountable for the value of your project investments and you have to live with the results.

Ensuring Project Success

Just when is a project 'successful'? Even this question would get a variety of answers in most circles. Here we define project success from a business point of view.