When projects define the true business measures of success - the desired business outcomes, benefits, and value to be produced, it becomes simple to achieve project success.

With all of the investment in project management tools and systems, project results should have improved; but they haven’t in 30 years. Sixty per cent or more of projects are deemed ‘challenged’ on one or more dimensions. However, when you measure ‘success’ in terms of the business outcomes, benefits and value delivered, the recorded success rate goes down to around 5%. Neither figure is acceptable.

When you understand the deficiencies of the orthodox project approaches, the solution to delivering successful projects becomes simple.

While many excuses are given for the poor level of success: poor estimates, inadequate requirements, poor management, etc., the problem is more fundamental.

Most projects do not define the true business measures of success - the desired business outcomes, benefits and value produced by the project. They, therefore, cannot identify and align all of the activities required to deliver success at all three layers - the business delivery layer, the value delivery layer and the project delivery layer.

When you use the true measure of success to drive your projects, you can easily align all activities to deliver the optimum value to the business. This book explains how and is for all executives accountable for project results.

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