Most projects fail to deliver all of their available business value. This is not incompetence or each individual project’s failing - it is a systemic problem.

The root causes of poor project value delivery are simple:

  1. Absent or deficient processes for business value which are needed to supplement the standard project delivery processes; and
  2. A lack of the required executive "value delivery" mindset

The lack of processes compounds the problem of the missing value delivery mindset.

Managing projects for value is neither the norm, nor in most executive’s experience. It is the exception, and is exacerbated by the lack of appropriate and effective value delivery processes.

Jed Simms

To fix the problem you need tackle both causes; upgrade your delivery processes to include all aspects of business value delivery and shift the management focus of the executive, from just controlling cost to maximising business value.

You can choose to continue on as at present, but with a 50% wastage rate, it is be an expensive choice.

TOP now gives you the choice  by explaining exectly what have to do to make the shift.

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