Written by an executive, for all executives who want to be on top of their project investments.

Written for all executives who want to be on top of their project investments, this guide provides the 15 critical questions they need to ask to ensure they get the results and value every time. This guide does not cover ‘how to manage a project’ because this is not where the significant problems exist. The problems arise in how the business approaches defining and delivering the sought-after business results and value.

Busy executives do not run projects day-to-day, but they do have to live with the results.

Here in this guide, we give insights and alternative perspectives to arm business executives to take decisions where currently the ‘project experts’ rule, so that you can define what you want from your project investment and then achieve it. Most importantly, the guide explains how to interpret the answers, dispels the many myths surrounding projects and corrects the misunderstandings that permeate current thinking on project delivery.

Contrary to what you may hear from the project fraternity, all projects and programs should deliver benefits and value.

Helping you to achieve the optimized returns—the most value for the optimum investment of time, money and resources— and to make informed decisions is what this guide is about.

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The TOP 15 Project Questions for Executives 3d Cover


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