Novella expose of the cost of deficient investment management processes, and the need to uplift your organization's 'value delivery capability'

The massive loss and waste of most organizations' capital is "The Capital Crime". More than 25% of the potential capital returns are lost, wasted or destroyed. How? Why? What can you do about it?

This entertaining and innovative book, written as a novel, discusses the true costs of the capital investment crime, why it is so commonly excused and what needs to be done to fix it.

The characters try to justify the status quo but the CEO is having nothing of it having discovered the true costs of the crime. So a group of executives explore not only some options for 'going straight' but also the likely impediments that such a task entails.

From their discussions and debates, the issues they uncover and risks they identify you can identify the need to take action in your own organization and what is involved.

For too long capital management has been put in the 'back burner' as a problem too difficult to solve - but, as this book quantifies, this is too expensive to continue. It is time to address and resolve The Capital Crime.

Written for board members, CEOs, CFOs and other CXOs and all executives interested in increasing the returns from their capital investment, this book defines the problem, the solution and how to go about addressing the 'crime' immediately.

Today too many projects are being done that should not be done, are costing far more than they need to and are delivering less than half of their available value. This is very costly.

Addressing the capital crime is financially rewarding AND makes easier - delivering the business results envisaged and defined in the organization's strategy. A win-win situation.

The first step is to understand the nature and cost of The Capital Crime, then galvanize the political will to do something about it, and then take the necessary action.

The first and last steps we have enabled, the second step is up to you.

ISBN 978-0-9775646-4-4


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