Is strategy execution, project and value delivery inherently complex or have we just made it so?


Have the ‘experts’ make it complex to justify their existence? Or the consultants - to justify their fees? Does each new challenge require more complexity?

Or is it more simply that the bases of processes we use for strategy execution and value delivery are ill-founded or incomplete.

Based over 30 years of research into what drives success on projects and strategy execution, TOP has determined the bases are indeed false. We explain why these areas have become so complicated. And, that strategy execution and value delivery can indeed be “made simple”.

In this Omnibus, you will learn that rarely is it what you are doing that is holding you up; instead, it is what you are not doing. It is the gaps in your existing tools, techniques and processes. To simplify your value delivery processes, you need to fill in the gaps. When you adopt the missing processes, you eliminate much of the current complexity AND deliver significantly improved results. Many current steps and processes simply ‘disappear’. You can deliver more value in less time, with less effort and for less cost.

This Omnibus combines all our “Can be Simple” books in one volume for easy reading and is for every executive accountable for project results.

Even if you feel that only one of these areas is currently too complex or under-performing, you should read this book.

Here we explain how you can simplify your

Strategy Execution

Project Prioritization

Project Governance

Project Success

Benefits Management.

We even list the tools, techniques and processes you require. We also explain why they are so complicated at the moment—what problems currently exist that you need to overcome.

We give you a choice—simplicity or continued complexity. It really is that simple.

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Topics: Strategy Execution, Value Delivery