What Is The Difference Between A ‘Contractor’ And A ‘Consultant’?

What is the difference between a ‘contractor’ and a ‘consultant’?

A Disaster In Flight

A disaster in flight

Yeah, But What Does The Software Do?

Yeah, but what does the software do? As project value seekers, project organizers and implementers need to think beyond the surface level and dive deeper into understanding the nooks and corners of every project so as to develop a comprehensible and reliable outcome.

The Investment Logic Map (ILM)

The Investment Logic Map (ILM)

Critical Insights 5 - Shift Your Focus From Project Cost To Project Value

Critical Insights (5) - to focus on value you need to define your project's Value Equationâ„¢

I Have Not Got Time Right Now!

I have not got time right now!

Why You Should NOT Try To Improve How You Do Projects!

Why you should NOT try to improve how you do projects!

Is ‘Avoided Loss’ A Benefit?

Is ‘avoided loss’ a benefit?

Am I Being Unreasonable?

Am I being unreasonable? It is important to monitor and analyze the true value of a project to avoid underestimating the worth of your work.

The Essential THIRD Dimension

The essential THIRD dimension

The Power of Babel

The Power of Babel

The Demise Of The Benefits Delivery Manager

Most of the value lost in projects is lost well before the project gets to implementation. This value loss may occur due to business (in) activity rather than be the fault of the project.

Who’s On First?

Who’s on first?

Jelly Management

Jelly Management

The Change Identification Framework

9: The Change Planning Framework

The Value Gap

3: The Value Gap

The Value Equation

2: The Value Equation

How To Ensure Your Projects Are Focused On Delivering Benefits

Few projects are truly benefits focused; instead most believe that benefits will somehow materialize later. This is an expensive mistake.

How Do You Introduce Project Governance Into Your Organization?

How do you introduce Project Governance into your organization?

Who Is Accountable For Delivery Of The Business Benefits?

Who is accountable for delivery of the business benefits? In most organizations this is still unclear.