Transforming A Technical Project Into A Business Transformation Project

A technology-swap project was successfully transformed into an organizational transformation project.

Combining And Uplifting The Capability Of Four Disparate Project Groups

When measured four months later, the department reported increased satisfaction with their direction and the speed of progress.

Assessing The Organization's Change Capability

This assessment of our change capability was a loud wake-up call for our management team - John Marshall CEO

Change-Averse Organization Successfully Implements A Transformational Change

After failing for 19 years to successfully implement a major change program, Drake successfully implemented a worldwide transformation program.

Ensuring A Major Systems Project Could Be Successfully Implemented And Used

“This allowed us to take targeted action, albeit late in the day, to prevent a disaster due to the lack of business commitment at all levels.” - Mal Barnes, Komatsu

Leveraging Internal Business Staff To Successfully Deliver A SAP Program

AGL moved into the top quartile worldwide for cost and service performance as a result of the successful execution of this system and change program