Assessing And Then Uplifting an Organization's Capability

“We now have confidence that we can manage this program of work and get the value out of it” - John Woodward GM Projects, SA Department of Health

Move To Paperless B2B Trading increases Benefits Twelvefold

A $72m reduction in costs was quantified by changing the ‘rules of the game’ with the major retailers to avoid Dulux paying for the retailers’ errors

Identifying The Business Value Of A Stalled Systems Project

A ‘systems’ oriented project was converted into a business project with clear, measurable and understandable business outcomes and benefits.

Translating A Technical System Project Into Business Language And Benefits

A clear, measurable basis for tracking and measuring internal IT programs was established, with their value delivery visible to, and measurable by, the business

A 'must do' project with A Complete Lack Of Identified Benefits

The organization was satisfied that the full value of the program had been identified, tracked and measured - the business case was approved by the Board.

Identifying where the real value is and where the focus needs to be

“We were looking in the wrong place to solve our project problems. Now we know what to do we can focus on the areas of most impact and they are the areas of least cost.” - Andrew Warduck, CIO

Identifying the business value of an IT security project

The clear business outcomes and benefits of a highly technical IT security project were presented to executive management.

Educating the Executive Team in Project Governance

“Active and informed governance teams have caused the number of problem projects to fall because they (the Steering Committee) are on the case early.” - Paul McCowage, Boral

Educating government staff in effective project governance

Project governance training was provided for Project Sponsors, Steering Committee members, and Project Managers.