Educating executives in effective project governance

Having an informed and educated governance team made my life just so much easier - Leon Hanby, Program Director, NAB

Uplifting the operating performance of the Project Management Group

“This gave us what we were missing – a clear, understandable path forward which is achievable, explainable and logical.” - Meredith Angwin, NAB

Combining And Uplifting The Capability Of Four Disparate Project Groups

When measured four months later, the department reported increased satisfaction with their direction and the speed of progress.

Simplifying A Whole Retail Bank And Increasing Its Productivity By 47%

“This is the best project we’ve ever done” Anthony Wamsteker, CEO

Identifying The Business Value Of A Stalled Systems Project

A ‘systems’ oriented project was converted into a business project with clear, measurable and understandable business outcomes and benefits.

Translating A Technical System Project Into Business Language And Benefits

A clear, measurable basis for tracking and measuring internal IT programs was established, with their value delivery visible to, and measurable by, the business

A 'must do' project with A Complete Lack Of Identified Benefits

The organization was satisfied that the full value of the program had been identified, tracked and measured - the business case was approved by the Board.

Defining a strategy and Target Operating Model

"The Target Operating Model moved us to the next stage of our development" - David Banks, General Manager Business Performance Business Banking, NAB