Realigning And Prioritizing The Project Portfolio

The business leadership team took over the project prioritization process from the technology team.

Uplifting the operating performance of the Project Management Group

“This gave us what we were missing – a clear, understandable path forward which is achievable, explainable and logical.” - Meredith Angwin, NAB

Defining a strategy and Target Operating Model

"The Target Operating Model moved us to the next stage of our development" - David Banks, General Manager Business Performance Business Banking, NAB

Redefining an organization's strategy to enable financial growth

An executive team evaluates the inter-related elements of the envisioned success to a level of ownership of execution essential to deliver that success.

Validating 'Digital Transformation Projects' contribution to strategy

One whole strategy was found to have no projects contributing to it, thereby ensuring it would not be realized. This was highlighted to the executive team for action.

Implementing a strategy based prioritisation process

A project, previously voted by the executives as the second highest priority, was cancelled, as it was found to be irrelevant to the strategy.

Defining A Marketing Strategy That Increased Sales 100% Per Annum

“This project set us up for success for the next 10 years” - Frederick Davidson, CEO and Chairman