“This project set us up for success for the next 10 years” - Frederick Davidson, CEO and Chairman



The Client's Challenge

Davidson&Associates (later Right Management Consultants) was the top-of-the-range firm and market leader in their industry. However, they had recently missed out on several large-scale sales opportunities. 

As sales activities were conducted by the consultants, the CEO believed they needed more support to be successful.


The design of a Marketing and Sales strategy and support system to focus the consultants' sales efforts to increase sales.


The Marketing and Sales system design involved:

  • Several customers, non-customers and ex-customers being interviewed as to why they did or did not use D&A’s services
  • Key individual customers also being interviewed as to the most effective form of marketing to them personally
  • Recognition that the firm’s success required aligning with client firms with similar values (professionalism, high quality, respect for people, etc.)
  • Manually-based prototypes of the system were “proven” by working with consultants on existing clients and comparing the system-generated results with the results actually achieved

The Results

  • The system focused sales activities on the accounts with the most likelihood of success
  • Marketing activities were tailored to the value system and preferences of the individuals in the largest target client firms — substantially reducing wasted marketing time and expenditure
  • The consultants were better able to focus their activities and track their progress as each sales activity was concluded by a “next step” specification requirement which was then calendarized
  • Management was able to assess not only the level of sales activity, but the effectiveness of the effort

The Payoff

Company’s sales success increased more than 100% pa for six consecutive years.

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