Rapidly Identifying And Resolving Major Operational Problems Following "Go-live"

In just 6 weeks we fixed the major operational problems left after a major project was implemented leaving the organisation effectively unable to function

Simplifying And Improving Project Management Methodologies

The benefits of just simplifying the project management processes alone were conservatively estimated to be worth over $750,000 per annum.

Simplifying A Whole Retail Bank And Increasing Its Productivity By 47%

“This is the best project we’ve ever done” Anthony Wamsteker, CEO

Reengineered Manufacturing Processes Further reduced by 46%

The resultant simplified end-to-end processes reduced the planned implementation costs by 18% (fewer processes and process steps to be implemented)

Simplifying And Standardizing Multi-State Sales And Marketing Processes

Systems supporting the Sales processes were reduced from 53 to 22 with significant financial savings. Overall the project increased profitability by 10%.

Combining Six Entities Into One Company to Increase Service And Reduce Costs

This simplification assignment and subsequent implementation moved AGL from nowhere, into the top percentile worldwide in terms of lowest cost/best service.