When measured four months later, the department reported increased satisfaction with their direction and the speed of progress.



The Client's Challenge

The Bendigo and Adelaide Banks had recently merged and a new project manager department established incorporating all of the project managers from both companies (located in four different locations across three states). The new Project Manager Services Departmental Manager was looking to build a center of excellence from his disparate groups.


The Bank’s combined project management services department.


We sought to establish synergy and understanding across the whole department, many of whom had not met before. We, therefore, combined social and work events — a communal dinner the night before followed by a day of planning workshops.

The workshops identified

  • the current state
  • the desired future state
  • the primary changes required
  • the go-forward plan
  • and the associated risks.

The Results

  • New bonds and working relationships were established across the department

  • The desire for common working processes and frameworks was agreed

  • Projects were commenced to

  • Define a common set of processes

  • Define a job family framework across all of the departmental roles

  • Define career paths and career management processes

  • Build project management skills and support tools to make the project managers more effective

  • The required roles of and interaction with the leadership team was agreed

  • The points of integration with the bank and relevant areas of IT were identified and accountability assigned for their coordination and management.

The Payoff

Four groups who were somewhat suspicious of each other developed a common purpose and direction.

Cross-group teams were established to develop common methodologies and career paths

The (new) leadership team understood what was expected of them so they could sustain the effort and commitment towards the new ways of working.

Weekly progress calls were held to ensure focus on the performance improvement projects was sustained.

When measured four months later, the department reported increased satisfaction with their direction and the speed of progress.

“We’re not only on the same page but are singing from the same hymn book – and this is visible to our clients. We have achieved what I set out to achieve. Jim Voloupoulos, Project Manager Services Department Manager

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