After failing for 19 years to successfully implement a major change program, Drake successfully implemented a worldwide transformation program.




The Client's Challenge

Drake International had a poor history of implementing change. “We have not successfully implemented any major change in 19 years” (Head of Drake's European Operations).

As a result of a comprehensive operational simplification program leading to a complete replacement of its systems, Drake was facing a transformational change.


The implementation of a multi-stage change program consisted of

  • 72 immediately implementable changes
  • 46 change projects
  • 3 concurrent, integrated systems projects
  • across 87 offices in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Staff from across the organization were involved in “Change Teams” to develop each change program in detail.

These teams progressively developed a series of Change Action Tasks (CATs) for each change activity.

These CATs allowed staff inexperienced in making change to successfully complete a change activity that cumulatively contributed to the achievement of the overall business goals.

Ten concurrent streams of change activity and over 1000 change activities were involved!

The Results

  • Multiple, coordinated change plans were actioned simultaneously, all heading towards the same (defined and agreed) desired business outcomes.

  • A supporting enablement program was established to ensure these change programs were expertly supported and simultaneously ensured the desired business results and benefits were fully delivered.

  • A previously change-averse organization was successfully enabled to implement a series of comprehensive and demanding change programs mainly through its own staff’s efforts

The Payoff

  • Even with the implementation of only the first stage changes, Drake was able to achieve a competitive edge that directly assisted them to win several competitive tenders for services in areas where they had previously been deemed uncompetitive.

  • On completion in Australasia, the program was extended to Europe and North America.
"I did not think we could do it - but we did" Drake Australia CEO

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