Your organization’s Value Delivery Capability determines the results you generate from your strategy and project investments, and over time, your long-term competitive advantage.

The next competitive battleground

Every year, organizations waste millions on investments, operational change initiatives and IT projects using orthodox project delivery tools and techniques.

Much of the potential value of these initiatives is missed, lost or destroyed forever, and the continued waste tells us that something fundamental is wrong with how we approach projects.

What is the missing piece of the puzzle?

Worldwide studies into the drivers and destroyers of project value discovered the correlation between an organization’s “value delivery capability” and the results it achieves. This capability encompasses your ability to both implement the project AND to realize the business value.

The studies also revealed how you can uplift your organization’s capability to increase your results. Building this capability involves shifting from a project delivery mindset to a value delivery mindset and using value delivery tools, techniques and processes.

When organizations make this shift and adopt value-delivery approaches, they routinely realize three or more times the returns achieved by their competitors, for the equivalent level of investment. This consistent and increased level of investment returns delivers a competitive edge that directly benefits the bottom-line.

Few organizations today understand the need for or have developed their Value Delivery Capability.

But for those who have gained this critical insight, Value Delivery Capability is destined to become the next competitive battleground. Learn what you to know to build your Value Delivery Capability and achieve better results from your strategy and project investments.

This book is essential reading for all executives accountable for project results.

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