This handbook contains comprehensive notes and detailed instructions to support the TOP Value Equation Practitioner Certification.

TOP's Value Equation equips you to target the optimum value from your projects or programs and easily track and measure the delivery of the outcomes, benefits and (up-to-date) value.

Currently, most of the focus on projects is on costs, with benefits being positioned as the offset to costs. Yet you commission projects to realize the benefits; therefore, benefits should be the primary focus of all projects.

The TOP Value Equation shifts the emphasis of projects from cost to value. It positions value delivery as the central focus for all project activities.

Handbook modules:
1. The need for a new approach for projects
2. Understanding the Value Equation principles & components
3. Defining Desired Business Outcomes
4. Generating the Outcomes Dependency Roadmap
5. Identifying and maximizing the Business Benefits
6. Quantifying the Value of Financial Benefits
7. Identifying the required Change Activities
8. Leveraging the value of the Value Equation

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