Compare two projects - real live ones in the same organization - of similar size, complexity and cost. Why was one an utter failure and the other a resounding success?

Let’s compare two projects (real live ones in the same organization) of similar size, complexity and cost. The main difference between the two was the delivery approach used:

The first project is undertaken in a manner very typical of the orthodox project delivery approach. It was managed by competent project managers who held Advanced Project Manager qualifications.

The second project was undertaken using TOP’s value-based delivery techniques. This project was managed by a business manager who did not have project management training and indeed had no previous industry, project management or IT experience. Additionally, on this project, all of the non-IT-technical work was done by previously inexperienced in-house staff, who were supported by two TOP-certified practitioners.

Month-by-month the critical events for each project are documented. The detailed description of the two projects allows you to see how they developed, the decisions made, and the results delivered.

One was an utter failure, and one was a resounding success - delivered in less time, for less cost, and with continuous value delivery. Indeed, if anything, the successful project was larger and more complex.

Every executive accountable for project results will find this book an “interesting read”.

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