Project portfolio prioritization is critical to the implementation of your strategy and your organization’s future. You need to know the questions to ask

Many organizations admit their project portfolio prioritization process is weak, sub-standard or almost non-existent.

Yet this critical process determines both where you spend your resources (in the short term) and where your organization is capable of being (in the longer term).

Your prioritization process is, therefore, critical to your organization’s future and the implementation of your strategy—it needs to be done effectively.

Every gap and deficiency you have in your existing prioritization processes destroys value. These gaps allow low priority, unviable, set-up-to-fail projects to be approved, wasting your resources and funds.

You need to know the questions to ask and the sequence in which to ask them. When every project in your portfolio is assessed as strategically relevant, viable and deliverable, you dramatically increase your ability to deliver your strategy and realize the desired results successfully.

But first, you need to establish the five essential foundations; then the actual prioritization process becomes simple.

Every executive accountable for project results can learn how – as we explain in this book.

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