The Value Proposition

Most business cases do not capture the value proposition. This video shows how the Value Equation does this via clear and measurable desired business outcomes.

The history of benefits non-delivery

Organizations commission projects to deliver the benefits and value, yet the processes either missing or deficient in most organizations.

What project managers need to know about their business cases

By using the TOP Value Equation, business cases set up the Project Manager for success.

Better project management can rarely fix poorly conceived projects

Despite committed effort and improvements across many aspects of project delivery, business results are poor. This webinar will introduce the ‘TOP Value Equation'™ to improve project value.

Value Equation Webinar Teknologisk Institut, Denmark Oct 2016

How to increase the returns from projects while reducing the costs by shifting the project focus, from cost, to value via the TOP Value Equation.

How to maximize your project benefits

Learn how to maxmize project benefits by using the Value Equation.

The strategic CIO

CIO's need to execute strategy and deliver business results.

How do you measure project success?

Learn how project success is measured by business outcomes.

How to use the TOP Value Equation

Introduction to the TOP Value Equation.

5 Ways the TOP Value Equation equips you to increase the business value of your projects

Increase the business value of your projects with the TOP Value Equation

Benefits management can be simple

Learn the 10 steps required for a simple and highly effective benefits management process

5 Ways the TOP Value Equation equips you to gain full control of your projects

Gain full control of your projects with the TOP Value Equation

13 Ways the TOP Value Equation eliminates waste on projects

See how the TOP Value Equation reduces and eliminates waste in projects.

The power of the TOP Value Equation

The TOP Value Equation improves both project and portfolio results.